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Official Author Portfolio for Matthew Romeo

As a long-winded and eccentric storyteller, I should make an okay author.

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Matthew Romeo was born in Newport News, Virginia before moving and spending most of his life in Yorktown. He attended Randolph-Macon College and in 2014, he graduated with a B.A. in Communications. Throughout his school career he participated in forensics, creative writing, public speaking, broadcasting, and theater.

Post-college, he ran a small-time podcast with a few friends where they discussed current movies, fantasy topics, and fan theories. He has been an avid player of Dungeons&Dragons for the last four years, a current Dungeon Master, and runs both published and homebrew campaigns.

In 2015, he began writing his first book, "The Maven Knight", and finally self-published in October 2018. After a year of work, he published the sequel, "The Maven Knight: Ones of Aster", in October 2019. The third and final installment, "The Maven Knight: Heir of Providence", was released in April 2021. 

His current series project is the science fiction story of The Outrider Saga. The first entry, "Erinyes", was released in August 2022. The second book, "Imperium", was released in August 2023.

Other upcoming projects include novella entries in The Maven Knight series, The Outrider Saga Book 3, and a fantasy saga called The Seawyrth Chronicles.

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The Spatium is a collection of stories set in the same galaxy. Each book or series can be enjoyed on their own, but each is a building block to a grand overarching tale. There are five entries in the Spatium as of 2023: The Maven Knight trilogy and the first two books of The Outrider Saga.

Check out the portfolio below for more info.

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My Published Works

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October, 2018

Secrets have a cost in the world of magic and mystery.

Tálir: a scavenger from the desert with nothing to his name apart from a relic of the past. Sarina: a brewer from the city who becomes the target of an ancient Order. When their paths collide, one goal becomes apparent. They must save the world from the forces of chaos.

A thousand years ago, the Old World was destroyed by the Ending. The legendary Maven Knights of order were turned into legends. Now, an ancient malevolence seeks to bring destruction to the New World. Drawn into the conflict, the pair must unite with a band of misfits in an effort to stop the growing threats. Marauding Outlanders, Nanite storms, and countless other dangers await on this quest. But most of all, the mythic powers of the Maven Knights must be rediscovered.

Two heroes. One journey.


"The story was fresh and exhilarating, the action sequences heart-pounding and gripping. The world Matthew Romeo has built is so complex and fascinating, with so much yet to be explored." Emily Rooke, author of 'The Dying Light'

"OH how I loved this book! I fell out of love for sci-fi, probably once Disney bought Star Wars, but The Maven Knight brought me back into it." D. M. Sonntag, author of 'The Lightning Bride'

"Matthew Romeo does a brilliant job creating a believable and well-crafted scifi universe: his characters are such intricate beings, not just the protagonists Talir and Sarina, who have their own unique voices and are fascinating to see develop." Luke Courtney, author of 'Argent Blade'

"Mr. Romeo reaches out and pulls the reader right into a frenzied chaos with his Sci-Fi/Fantasy, The Maven Knight."  JV Poore,

"I love the premise of this story, like LOVE it. It very much reminded me of a mash-up of Star Wars and D&D." Morgan Wilson,

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